Match the Numberjacks!

Can you match the numberjack to the correct real world object?

Firefly Catch

Help Tenderheart Bear catch the fireflies for Wonderheart Bear's night light!

Little Helpers: Lost and Found

Can you help Molly, Leo and Pip find their lost toys?

Make My Mornings: Who won?

Who won our Make Mornings craft competition

Meatball Mania

Help Justin and Squidgy collect as many meatballs as you can!

Prehistoric Prints

Help Harry guess which dinosaur the footprint belongs to.

Pet Soccer

Choose your furry football team and see how many goals you can score!


Oh no, the puppies have run off with the newspaper! Can you catch them?

Care Bears: Cheer For All

Can you help Cheer Bear teach a new cheer to all her friends?

Meet Harry and his dino friends!

Meet Harry and all his dinosaur friends

Net Pet

Adopt your very own virtual cat or dog!

Coconut's Safari

Help Coconut take photos of the safari animals!

Safari colouring

Colour in all the animals in this safari scene!

Toasty at the Farm

Help Toasty round up all the sheep and get them safely back to the farm. But beware of the wolf!

Carly's Banana Phone Buddies

Are you one of Carly's Banana Phone buddies? If you'd like to be then upload a picture of you talking on your banana phone!

Where's Molly?

Where's Molly?

Chirp's Trash Stash

Help Chirp sort out all the rubbish!

Olive's Pizza Party

Make your own yummy pizza with Olive from Justin Time

Sharing Cupcakes with Share Bear

Deliver some delicious desserts to Share Bear's friends

Pancake Flip

Use your mouse to control the frying pan and make sure all the pancakes and lemons make it safely to the table!

Meet the Care Bears!

We'd like to Welcome you to Care-A-Lot! Come and meet all the Care Bears!

Butterfly Chase

Collect as many butterflys as you can with Justin Time.

Tumble and Tilt

Drop Squidgy from Justin Time into the coloured boxes

Chirp Shapes Up

Help Chirp find all the shapes!

Franklin's Ice Cream Pile Up

Make the same ice cream as Racoon!

Franklin's Bicycle Blitz

Help Franklin collect the food and get to the finish line

Peep's Bunny Balance

Help Peep to balance the rabbits!

Build a snowman!

Decorate your snowman with all sorts of crazy hats and outfits!

Rolie Polie Olie Star Catcher

Collect the falling stars with Rolie Polie Olie!

Madeline Matching game

Match the characters from Madeline. Find the pairs as quickly as you can!

Soccer Blocker

Help Franklin score and save as many goals as you can!

Colour in Madeline

Use the paintbrush to colour in Madeline, Genevieve and Pepito!

Aztec Dash

Go on an adventure with Justin Time and collect all the coins.

Meatball Mayhem

Collect as many meatballs as you can with Justin Time

Olive's Pet Photos

Olive from Justin Time runs a pet photography studio. Help her dress up animals from the show and take pictures of them as they pose.

Wave-Along Adventures

Use your webcam to wave along with Justin in this Justin Time adventure

Did you meet Clifford at Lollibop?

Take a look at our gallery and see if you can spot you with Clifford!

Jubilee competition winners!

View your Jubilee competition entries!

Franny's Drums

Help Franny play the drums in the right order!

Franny's Magic Hat

Help Franny remember what's inside her magic hat

Camping with Franny

Go camping and exploring with Franny!

Franny's Fancy Shoes

Create some fancy shoes for Franny to wear!

Franny and the Messy Monkey

Help Franny clean up after the messy monkey.

Snack Time

Feed the animals the right food!

Match up Clifford and his friends.

Play this matching game to pair up Clifford and all his friends.

Build a sandcastle with Clifford

Clifford loves the beach! Help him build a new sandcastle!

Pet Clifford

Click around in the game window to pet and play with Clifford. Throw him a ball, have him do tricks for treats, and watch out for big, soggy doggy kisses!

Strawberry Shortcake How a Garden Grows

Let’s go berry-picking in Strawberry’s garden

Strawberry Shortcake Fresh Fashions Boutique

Give your friend Raspberry Torte a brand new outfit.

Pet Sleigh

Try to race your pet down the hill to collect all the presents on the way.

Birds on a Wire

Can you match all the birds together before the time runs out?

Fruit Filled fun game

Help Strawberry gather fruit for her famous treats! Flip-flop fruit make 3-or-more of the same kind in a row. Click, drag & Swap a fruit with the one next to it. When 3 or more line up, they will disappear and go into the measuring cups!

Bouncing Balls

Release the balls to join a group of similar colours, to clear the group. Use your mouse to aim the funnel and then click your mouse to release the ball.

Captain Mack Competition Gallery

See if you were a winner in our Captain Mack drawing competition. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Milly, Molly competition entries

Take a look at some of the shortlisted entries in the Milly, Molly drawing competition and the overall winner. Thanks to everyone who entered. You can still see all the entries in the Competitions Gallery.


Match up the coloured marbles to stop them reaching the end of the line.

Dino Drop

Arrange the dinosaur eggs so that there are three in a row of the same colour.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the pieces back together to complete the picture.

Pet-Grooming Studio Game

Even pets like to feel nice and clean. But they can't hold a sponge or toothbrush, so they need your help!

Ladybugs Game

Can you help the ladybugs find their way out of the garden mazes and back home?

Zumbers Game

Play our run new Zumbers game. Count the numbers and guess the animals as well as counting the number of balloons.

Captain Mack Competition entries

See some of the brilliant entries sent in by our very artistic Tiny Pop viewers. Find out who won at the end.

Meet the Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Find out about our new friends the Wild Animal Baby Explorers.

Where's Huckle Game

Huckle is having fun hiding in Busy Town and it's down to you to find him in all his hiding places

Jungle Jingles Game

Listen to the tune that the monkey makes and copy it to make some great songs in this really fun musical game.

Colour in Kipper and Friends

Feeling artistic? Well click on one of the characters, print it out and colour them in.

Find the bugs Game

Arnold has a box.But it's empty. Help him to find all the insects in the garden.

Roly's Crossing

Help Roly get across the room and in the arms of Kipper

Elephants and Balloons game

Match the balloons with the elephants.

Toopy and Binoo match the fish game

Match the fish in this fun observation game with Toopy and Binoo.

Captain Mack Pairs Game

Match the pairs games are great fun. So is this one. Match the characters on easy and hard. Good luck

Toopy and Binoo Game

Toopy and Binoo are trying their luck as artists. Help them to colour in these pictures.

Toopy and Binoo Game

Help Toopy and Binoo share their food in this fun game.

Toopy and Binoo Game

Match the shapes with your favourites characters Toopy and Binoo.

Let's Dance with Strawberry Shortcake!

Watch Strawberry Shortcake dance, remember what step is next, then click on the fruit symbols to copy her moves.

The Berenstain Bears Matchbook

Test your memory with Brother Bear! Open two book at a time and find a matching pair.

The Berenstain Bears: Pack a Pinic Game

Can you help the bears pack their pinic? Search the house and help the Bears find all the pinic items on their lists.

The Berenstain Bears Dress Up Game

Help the Berenstain Bears get ready for a day out! Dress them up and then print out the pictures.

Dewitt's Morph Match Game

Match up the correct Dewitt characters to go on to the next level.

Fruit-Filled Fun Game

Help Strawberry gather fruit for her famous treats! Flip-flop fruit make 3-or-more of the same kind in a row. Click, drag & Swap a fruit with the one next to it. When 3 or more line up, they will disappear and go into the measuring cups!

Big Country Fun Game

Help Strawberry & Honey Pie round up the ranch chicks. Collect all 20 chicks for 10 bonus points. Remember, Honey Pie won't cross the dotted train lines. Watch out for the mud, it will slow you down.

Monkey's Adventure Game

Come on kids help the monkey get food for Monkey Island. You don't want to see the Monkeys go hungry?!

Flower Power Game

See how far you can fly the butterfly. Avoid the bees, they'll take seconds off your time. Touch the flowers to gather nectar and gain strength, which will add seconds to your time. Good Luck!

Swap A Smiley Puzzle Game

Line up pairs of smileys to win points! Check out their happy faces when you complete a row.

Get The Bananas Game

Use your mouse to bounce the ball onto the bananas.

Racing Car Game

Test your driving skills with this challenge. Dodge the other cars using your arrows keys!

Invasion Of The goobers Game

The Tiny Pop team loves this game. Runaway from the goobers then shoot to win.

Tomato Bounce Game

Stop the tomatoes from falling and help them land on the table.

Snowboard Challenge Game

Test your skills in this game. All you need to do is use your mouse to dodge the snow.

Puzzles Game

Fit the pieces together.

Buggle Bugs Games

Blow bubbles around the bugs to catch them. The more you catch, the more points you get.

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