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Q what did the balloon saywhen it needed the toilet
A I'm bursting!!
  (From ellie aged 8)
Q what do you call a pig that does karate
A a pork chop
  (From Ciara aged 7)
Q What is an astronauts favourite place on the computer?
A The spacebar!
  (From Afrah aged 9)
Q what day does not end with y?
A tomorow!
  (From Di-di aged 8)
Q what grade did the pirate get on his report card
A high c's
  (From Georgia aged 9)
Q What do you get when you cross a fridge and a radio?
A Cool music
  (From Adam aged 6)
Q what do you call an dinosaur with 1 eye
A do you think he saur-us
  (From imaan aged 5)
Q what dose the gost say when they dance
A lets BOOgie
  (From charlie aged 10)
Q what has a mouth but never smile
A a river
  (From faith aged 8)
Q what does a bee say when it gets home from work
A honey i'm home
  (From emilie aged 9)
Q What's the strongest vegetable in the world?
A A muscle sprout!
  (From Catriona aged 7)
Q what do u call a chicken in a shell suit?
A an egg
  (From kaitlyn aged 4)
Q you answer me but I did not tell a question what am I
A a telephone
  (From anna aged 8)
Q what do you call a skelliton dressed as a detective?
A sherlock Bones
  (From charlotte aged 3)
Q What do ducks like to eat?
A Quackers
  (From Shirley aged 9)
Q what do call a sieeping dinosaur
A dinosnoraus
  (From niall aged 4)
Q What did the alien say to the gas pump?
A take your finger out of your ear when i'm talking to you.
  (From Lucy aged 8)
Q Why was the broom late for school?
A It overswept
  (From Emma aged 7)
Q what party did the spagettih go to ?
A the meatball
  (From amelia aged 5)
Q who is in charge in the classroom?
A the ruler
  (From samuel aged 7)
Q What does a sea monster like for his dinner?
A Fish and ships!
  (From Yasar aged 8)
Q Why are footballs never invited to dinner?
A Because thay are always dribbling
  (From Phoebe aged 8)
  (From HOLLY aged 5)
Q Q.what time do you need to go to the dentist
A A. Tooth hearty
  (From Junaid aged 10)
Q which is the biggest rope in the world?
A europe
  (From Kanwal aged 11)
Q what do you get when you cross a teacher and a vampire
A Lots of blood tests
  (From Sophie aged 8)
Q when is a car like a frog
A when is been toad
  (From malvis aged 7)
Q what do you call a dog sitting by a fire
A a hot dog
  (From mari aged 12)
Q where do fish go on hoiday.
A Finland
  (From amina aged 6)
Q Why did the tomato blush?
A It saw the salad dressing!
  (From Imogen aged 8)

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